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Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 Pre- Release comes with Snapdragon 845 Galaxy S9, S9+

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Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ will come have exclusive first batch of Snapdragon 845 processor

Tech Digital Seva: Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ are the first smartphones, which features QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 845 processor in its segment. 

South Korean manufacturer Samsung are about to launch their most awaited flagship smartphone of the year Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ simultaneously. As its elder sibling Samsung Galaxy S8 has powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, which was powerful chipset used in flagship devices. As expected Samsung got tie up with QUALCOMM to give dedicated powerful chipset for its upcoming flagship smartphone. They are very particular while choosing with the processor, as they are mainly considering with battery performance and multi tasks at high level without getting heated. Compared from the earlier devices like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, Samsung made great changes in all its flagship smartphones. Now, the generation moving on, so they are more particular on their beloved flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ specifications.  

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Specifications

While discussed above we are conformed about the Snapdragon 845 processor, likely 4GB/ 6GB Ram variant. Technically Snapdragon 845 is 10nm Low Power Early (LPE) FinFET process. It has a combination of Cortex A75 cores with Adreno 630 graphics and X20 LTE modem.

As per the suggested reports from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset will be clocked at 2.5GHz on board. Whereas, the existing snapdragon 835 processor clocked at 8.45GHz, as the clock speed slightly improved in latest processor as per the current usage.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Benchmarks, GeeBench4

In recent, benchmarks core test Samsung Galaxy S9 edge has scored 2600+ for single core, whereas Apple iPhone A9 scored around 2500 and the new A10 Fusion scored 3000+ in benchmark tests.
In addition to Samsung Galaxy S9, we saw Xiaomi’s Mi7 will also rumored to be the first device, which features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. According to some sources, the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is working with Qualcomm in optimizing to develop “Snapdragon 845 v2” for Mi 7.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price in india

Samsung Galaxy S9 edge release date in India

While it rumored that Samsung Galaxy S9 edge and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus would release next year simultaneously. As per the source reports says, Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones could release in the month of June, while this time we can expect earlier than the last year flagship smartphone.

We can expect Samsung Galaxy X 2018 limited edition foldable smartphone can also same time along with the Samsung Galaxy S9 edge and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus release date time.

A recently leaked listing of Samsung Galaxy S9 firmware, we have seen the model number as follows SM-G965 and SM-G960. Samsung Galaxy S9 as finished all its quality checking, Software testing and got all certifications and about to strike the open markets next year by this time. There would be some price variation this time, the Samsung Galaxy S9 price in India would be less compare to previous flagship smartphones. 

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date - Samsung first foldable smartphone

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Not Iphone X, its Samsung Galaxy X 2018 smartphone, first foldable smartphone in world

Things getting best and even better, while we have seen Bezel-less screens? Dual cameras? What’s Next?

Tech Digital Seva: Before you’d ask me that here I will answer everything. The trend setter Samsung company has recently introduced its new next wave smartphone, which we cannot stop waiting for it. Samsung Smartphones will innovate new kind of technology every year samsung mobiles will come up with new kind of technology in to market. Now, that trend is changing day by day Samsung is keeping a way from its competitors. In recent press release, Samsung unveiled its new invention, Samsung Galaxy X’s with all new beautiful looks and worlds first foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date

Samsung will usually develop top notch Galaxy phones with recent launch of Samsung galaxy S8 smartphones has created trend in the market with Bezel-less smartphone, which is first in kind in Samsung Smartphones. Now, they came up with new invention, where users can use foldable smartphone device in their hands.

Check Specification Samsung Galaxy X 2018 Smartphone

As all the Samsung flagship smartphones will come with top-notch specifications, this time we would expect Snapdragon 845 powered chipset in Samsung flagship smartphones. The South Kores Radio Agency kept model number for Samsung Galaxy X, which follows as SM – G888N0.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date price in india

The model has arrived for the Bluetooth certification and completed all the tests with following Model Number SM – G888N0, Samsung Galaxy X’s 2018 version will out soon in October’2017. Samsung hinted that Samsung Galaxy X 2018 will be sold all around the world as limited edition. Like its previous smartphone Samsung Galaxy Edge has also sold as limited edition. As this is first flagship phone, which possess foldable screen. Samsung has its own identity in making its own display’s, they have OLED panels, Curved display which got hype in market.

 Samsung Galaxy X 2018 Edition Review

South Korean tech gain has again brought a new change in flagship smartphones, now they come up with new invention called Samsung Galaxy X 2018 foldable smartphone. This device won’t be any commercial device, which can’t be effort by normal users. In memory of 2014’s Samsung Galaxy Edge, which was the first curved screen display in smartphone market. And it was available in South Korea and limited availability in India. After a couple of years now Samsung made another step forward in smartphone world. Samsung Galaxy X’s units will first available in its home country South Korea, and later on other countries will be listed out.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date price in india

Our final words toward Samsung Galaxy X foldable release date would be October’2017. And the limitations of the Galaxy X won’t last much time like its other smartphones. There are many inventions ahead, but our living conditions are different from region to region. Taking in consideration, Apply iPhone X missed finger print sensor and adopted face recognition feature, which won’t useful for everyone. So, let’s see how Samsung galaxy X’s foldable flagship smartphone impress all the critics. But this a great move from Samsung company, Samsung may launch both Galaxy X’s and Galaxy S9 simultaneously. Both the phones are breath taking phones for South Korean Samsung giant.

Samsung Galaxy X’s Release Date and Price in India

Samsung Galaxy X foldable flagship smartphone will never have any competition for its latest invention. The Galaxy X has already had one with ZTE, which is china based smartphone maker has launch world’s first smartphone with foldable display, known as ZTE Axon M. Samsung Galaxy X display consist of 6.8 inch with 1920*2160-pixel resolution. As said above we could expect Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date would be in October 2017. 

First Look of JioPhone TV Cable in India, How to Connect JioPhone TV Cable to televisions

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First Look of JioPhone TV Cable adapter

On the launch event of JioPhone Ambani has announced that Jio users can connect their Jio Phones to their CRT televisions and also LED TVs (using HDMI ports). Recently, Reliance Jio has launched their new product JioPhone TV Cable, where users can watch online TV using their JioPhone. We will provide complete details how to connect your JioPhone to your Old CRT TV/ LED TVs.

JioPhone TV Cable will enhance users to get a great experience of Live TV on their Televisions either it’s an OLD CRT Tv or LED TV. This JioPhone TV Cable is compatible for all kinds of TVs with 720p playback support on HD TVs. JioPhone Cable TV will come in two kinds of adapters for different usage of TV in market.

How to use JioPhone Cable TV connection

Jio Phone TV Cable Price in India

As shown in the above image there are two different kinds of adapter which are going to sell in India very soon. JioPhone Cable TV connection go on sell in all Reliance Stores, but date has been not specified yet. Users need to buy Jio Cable TV adapter according their TV compatibility, otherwise it won’t support.

JioPhone TV Cable adapter has microUSB port on one end and Type A USB port on the other end, which connects to Jio Cable Adapter. As there are two kinds of variants in Jio TV cable connection, one will have RCA out and another will have HDMI Out.

JioPhone TV Cable

Users those who are using Old CRT model TVs need to go for RCA out model adapter, while users having LED TVs need to choose HDMI port adapter. Which will support 720p HD display resolution for HDMI port adapter. The live experience of Jio TV will thrill all the users, no more DTH connections or cable connections. Open your My Jio app and watch Jio TV live with HD channels without any extra cost. Most of your favorite can be viewed in Jio TV app for free.

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Jio Phone TV Cable Price in India

The JioPhone TV Cable has unveiled recently in an ongoing India Mobile congress, which has held in New Delhi. Specifically, there is no price tag found on the device case, but bookings may start soon by end of the month. Customers use their JioPhone to connect adapter to their Television. The following video reveals how to use JioPhone TV cable to your Television. 

JioPhone Start Delivering 6 million units from today, Check free Jio phone delivery

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By October 10 JioPhone will deliver to everyone

Waiting for your Jio phone delivery? Here you have good news for this festival season. JioPhone has started its phone delivery for those who have booked in online. There are around 6 million units which are going to delivery by October 10. According to spokesman information JioPhone has started sending the phone to all the retail outlets and other source, where customers can either pick up the phone or phone get delivered.  Within 15 days the phone will be in hands of every customer who have booked Jio Phone online.

As we have informed you earlier, that Jio phone delivery is getting delayed due to heavy demand of the phone in market. Due to some reasons Jio booking portal has been stopped all the Jio Phone bookings, due to increase of demand. However, customers have booked Jio Phone in August month and by first half of September everyone would have got there JioPhone. But unsurprisingly phones has not delivered due to late in manufacturing. The later date strike at 21st September, but still JioPhones have not released by the Jio. Sources from Jio have conformed later that JioPhone will be delivered to customers from first week of October. More about the Jio Phone delivery have been provided by Tech Digital Seva. The phone will start delivering to nearest retailer showroom, so that customers can pick up their phone. Within 4-5 days Jio Phones will reach to the customers before the festival season ends.  

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The Jio Phone is a featured phone comes with 4G LTE enabled with free data of 1GB per day. And also many other features which attract customers towards this phone. At this price segment this is the best mobile phone. Around 6 million of units are going to delivery by first week of October and also millions jio phones are going to delivery soon. Allegedly there are some fears that Jio phone has software and hardware issues encountered during the initial usage of Jio phone. Later on they have updated phone where ever the errors have been encountered. Now phone has got all stable software and hardware to use in your daily usage. Thanks to Jio Phone service team.

In previous article we have written about Jio Phone review:

Jio phone is the most speculated phone in current era, has best price range in its category. It has 4G LTE support to make free voice calls and Jio is providing 1GB free data. Also, users can expand their storage using microSD card. They have full access to the Jio App to live streaming the online music and many others. Thanks to JioPhone for providing effective phone for low price range. This will help lot of customers to migrate to Jio plan.

As Jio has officially announced the Jio phone in july and started booking from August 24th and effectively they have got ultimate response within two days of booking. Due to overwhelming response Jio company has stopped the booking due to shortage of JioPhone. Till now those who have booked the phone they are eligible to receive their Jio Phone by first week of October. After completing the first phase of Jio phone delivery, company will start the Jio Phone booking site open again.

Process of JioPhone Booking Online for Free mobile phone:

Book your Jio phone online using the Jio App or through Jio portal site, you are being charged Rs. 500/- as a refundable security fee. If you recall, the Jio phone will free. Though customers need to purchase the Jio Phone form Rs. 1500/- and the amount will be refunded back whenever you return back your Jio Phone to the company. So while booking the Jio Phone customers need to pay Rs. 500/- and at the time of phone delivery they need to pay remaining amount Rs. 1000/- and take their JioPhone.

Customers need to take their delivery through Jio retailers, your jio phone will be arrived to the nearest authorized jio outlets. Customers will get message regarding the location of your authorized reliance jio authorized centers. Users need to carry their valid documentation like ID proof and amount 1000/- before taking the delivery of Jio phone.

Check your Jio Phone Status using your MyJio App or can call IVR number 1800-890-2900.

Buy Jio Set Top Box Online Booking, JIO DTH welcome offer plans

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JIO DTH Online Booking are available soon:

Jio has recently entered in set top box platform as well. Customers are using the different kind of service set top box, may have good news with the launch of JIO Set Top Box. Jio mobile services and network have already created trend in the market. Recently we have seen the launch of Jio phone in market and also lakhs of customers have already booked for Jio phone online. JIO services are providing its service with minimal cost, so that every common man can use their services. 

Already JIO has reached 10 Million customers in JIO Network. Now, entering to JIO Set Top Box Services to gain more customers and give quality services at low price range. Already we have seen the JIO DTH unboxing, so we have clear idea how their product will be.

As earlier while releasing the JIO network Ambani has introduced the JIO welcome offer with free sim. So we can also expect same for JIO Set Top Box with increase demand of set top box demand in market.

Reliance JIO Dish tv Online Booking welcome offer:

Reliance JIO Set Top Box

Reliance JIO Set Top Box welcome offer will come with 3 months of free subscription with all HD channels. Subscribers need to purchase the Reliance Jio Set Top Box to avail the welcome offer for 3 months. After completion of Jio welcome offer customers need to recharge their Reliance Jio Set Top Box for subscribed channels like other networks.

Reliance JIO Set Top Box

 As seen in the picture box looks like standard set top box providing High definition channels. We expect there is no smart tv facility feature in Jio Set top box as the other competitor Airtel is providing smart tv feature along with Airtel Set Top box. So we have Reliance Jio Set Top Box stranded version with HD channels. We might expect smart tv feature on Jio set top box in coming feature with broad band connection.

JIO DTH Launch Date and Jio Welcome offer:

JIO has already sent the trail units to some customers as the product is under testing. Soon Reliance JIO Set Top Box will launch officially in market. As they have recently launched their Jio phone in market. Now they are about to launch Reliance Jio Set Top Box welcome offer. Bookings will open soon on their products page. More information about Reliance Jio Dish TV online booking will be provided by the customer care service.

Buy Reliance Jio Set Top Box and JIO Dish TV online booking Available:

Reliance Jio Dish TV will be available at the affordable price for every common man. We can get Jio DTH box for normal price range as we are getting other dish tv in market. As there is no official price has been announced by JIO Company. We are not revealing any approx price also, some sites are giving false information about JIO DTH Box. So, we advise viewers to wait for the official announcement of the JIO Company before taking any decision about JIO Dish TV.

As there are plenty of Branded Set Top Box companies in market but still a common man have no satisfaction with their subscribed channels. For Extra channels customers need to pay extra money on each channel and for high definition channels as well. But we know jio is offering TV channels for free in JIO App. Viewers can access all channels without any cost along with high definition channels in it. This is first app in country providing online channels without any cost.