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Buy New Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner, costs only Rs. 5999/-

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Smartphone with Dual Camera & Fingerprint scnanner for Rs 5999/- only

Get Itel Mobile it is the second largest selling phone in Indian mobile phone market, according to recent CMR report.

The smartphone race sales in India are getting lot of computation day-by-day. As most of the companies are putting efforts in making high specs phone in medium price point. Likewise, we are seeing dual cameras, bezel-less designs can now effort with a common price range. Lowering the price range with affordable and attractive, which makes customers to make most out of it. Itel mobile phones are even pushing their phones in market with very low price with high end specs. Itel mobile phone are now striking the Indian mobile phone market, with dual camera and fingerprint scanner available only for Rs. 5999/- only. For more detailed verdict check details here.

Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner

Itel Mobile Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner @ Rs. 5999/-

As Itel mobile makers have all new smartphones every month, so it’s hard to keep track all the phones. Now, they have kept trend in mobile market by launching Dual camera & fingerprint scanner phone for just Rs. 5999/- which is really unforgettable. Itel mobile has opened up on Wednesday, about its new launch phone in india. As we have seen the reports Itel mobile was the second largest mobile phone selling in Indian market according to the CMR report.

The manufacturer has good reputation in producing the effective budget smartphone, as their new smartphone also got all new features to give tough competition in mobile market. Itel mobile features dual camera with fingerprint scanner - $21, at this price range no other phone is providing these features. Hope this phone will not have any competition with other phones at this price point.

Verdict on Itel Mobile Launch in india for Rs. 5999/-

Itel Mobile carries a 64-bit MediaTek quad-core processor under the hood, with 1GB RAM possessing 16GB storage capacity, which can be expandable. The batter consists of 2700mAh it can deliver up to 10 hours 4Gtalk-time and easily lasts a day on normal usage.

Itel Mobile handset comes with 5-inch FWVGA IPS display, an 8MP rear-facing camera, containing fingerprint scanner and mobile phone issupported 4G VoLTE & ViLTE out of the box. The phone has additional advantages of integrated Smartphone Manager, and possess all required sensor at this price point.

For the above price point Itel Mobile not only giving latest spec but also advantages of Carl Care service support. This impressive phone can be brought for at Rs. 5999/-, the phone will be available in three colors Moonlight Sliver, Champagne Gold and Elegant Black. 

Buy Airtel Apple iPhone 7 Price available for Rs 7777 online store check here

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Get New Apple iPhone 7 Price for Rs 7777 on Airtel online store

Tech Digital Seva: Now, you can own an Apple iPhone 7 Price for down payment of just Rs 7,777/- from any Bharti Airtel exclusive online store available from today. As a festive season Airtel has brought new plan to its customers. Along with New Apple iPhone 7, customers can avail additional data and Airtel’s secure packages, which covers the Apple iPhone 7 from lost/theft or any kind of damage with no extra cost.
Airtel Iphone 7 Apple Price

Buyers can use their secure payment through any bank card verification and instant financing also available with easy monthly plans at Airtel online store. This is an exclusive deal for buyers those who are looking to purchase Apple iPhone 7 (32 GB variant), if we see Apple iPhone 7 price in India its cost around 50 thousand above. Here in Airtel store customers can avail New Apple iPhone 7 Price for just Rs 7,777/- exclusively.   

New Apple iPhone 7 Price in India for Rs. 7777/- with easy payment methods

The Airtel Company has announced today officially that Apple iPhone 7 (32 GB) variant will cost for Rs. 7,777/- and 24 months installments of Rs. 2499/- each. The premium smartphone will come with Airtel data and calling pack, which is career locked till the contract period as stated by the Bharati Airtel. This season consumers who are interested to purchase Apple iPhone 7 in India can get from Bharati Airtel online store exclusively.

On a Digital innovation program Airtel Online has launched Apple Iphone 7 launch in its store. Keeping in mind and value of customer experience across of its services and touch points. Bharti Airtel Stated that it has invested around Rs. 2000/- crore under Project Next.

In this digital platform integration, consumers can upgrade their old smartphone with premium New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB variant. Those who cannot effort with total sport cash, can they avail easy financing schemes and purchase it airtel online store. Compare to other online market stores and Apple official store, Airtel online store is providing best scheme under its digital platform with the success of Apple Iphone Seven 32 GB variant. They will introduce many more offers with same facility and easy monthly installments. Airtel combines with Apple iPhone 7 Launch in Airtel Online Store live from today.

New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB Available in Airtel Online Store:

On interview with Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO & Director – Engineering, Bharti Airtel said, this is additional digital innovation from Airtel to delight customers. This is not only help customers to upgrade their old smartphones with premium Apple Iphone 7 Price at Rs. 7,777/- only with lot of benefits.

Airtel Iphone 7 Apple Phone

Imagine getting your dream Airtel Iphone 7 Apple branded phone for just Rs. 7777/- with easy monthly installments and instant credit purchase exclusively on Airtel Online Store. So, without waiting further grab your New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB variant before stock gets out. Airtel company, thanks its partners for support to its digital integration.  

Click on below link to get Apple IPHONE 7 32GB for RS. 7,777/-

Check Vivo V7+ Price in India, 20 Percent Discount on V7 Plus 24 MP selfie smartphone

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Vivo V7 and Vivo V7 Plus 24 MP selfie smartphone Price in India

At the beginning of the year the dual camera trend came into lime light and all the smartphones are implementing the Dual Cameras in rear side of the mobile. While Vivo is expert producing Selfie expert camera, they have introduced the Dual Front Camera in market and got hype.
V7 Plus 24 MP selfie smartphone Price in India

After Launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 Smartphones, there is trend from edge-to-edge display. Whereas, LG Q6 also adopted edge-to-edge display in midrange smartphones following with Micromax Canvas Infinity. Now following the same trend Vivo Joined is hands and implemented edge-to-edge display in its feature phone Vivo V7 Plus. So, in your VIVO V7 Plus review let’s look into camera, music, which are heart of the Vivo smartphones. Let’s get into details speciation’s of Vivo V7 Plus Smartphone.

Vivo V7+ Smartphone (2017) Selfie Camera 24 MP

Vivo smartphones are meant for the selfie lovers, considering the selfie pictures vivo has added 24 MP front shooter camera in VIVO V7 Plus. In Vivo 7+ we have tried multiple selfies in different lighting conditions and it took images “lively”.
V7 Plus 24 MP selfie smartphone Price in India

Vivo V7+ Rare Camera 16MP smartphone

Vivo V7+ rare camera has a 16MP shooter which can handle better job than the front camera, which is a huge advantage in this price segment. When we took some close-up shoots in day light condition the pictures came put very brilliant. And same when we tried in indoor lighting condition we say some minor lack issues and observed grainy in pictures. Considering the price point it would not any issues for selfie lovers.

Vivo V7+ Smartphone (2017) Build and Design

As the Vivo V7 Plus will come in a large 5.99-inch IPS LCD display panel the aspect ratio will be 18:9 edge-to-edge display. You would have noticed in TV Advertisements and images in review, the Vivo V7+ will be having thinner bezels and higher screen-to-body ratio. Comparing to other 5.5-inch display phones Vivo V7+ cannot handle in one hand. But it will be great experience to watch movies and pictures on the full display.

The body was constructed with metal which feels like premium feel, when we hold in our hands. As per the price point Vivo has done a great job with the build of the phone and keeping antenna lines in format. Other features like USB Type-C port, Finger printer sensor and many more features added in Vivo V7 Plus Smartphone.

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Vivo V7+ Battery Performance

Though Snapdragons 450 chipset is not a very power full in current market and taking into consideration 5.99-inch display will all apps running throughout the day Vivo V7+ smartphone survived a day. Gaming and camera usage may swipe the battery juice so quickly. So, this phone we won’t recommend for gaming lovers, as it best suits for selfie lovers. The 3225mAh battery with 450 chipset, which supports fast charging may not affect in hectic time.

Over All Vivi V7+ Review from Us

Considering the price point user can enjoy the 24MP selfie pictures on 5.99-inch full display with 18:9 ratio. This a good featured phone for camera lovers, and with fast charging facility user need not worry in busy schedule time. Regarding the UI in Vivo V7+ has also got great changes compare to its earlier devices. Vivo V7+ smartphone is a deal breaker for this price point and lot of new features.

Skipping OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018, OnePlus 6 Price details here

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One Plus 6 release date in India, Skipping OnePlus 5T

OnePlus has recently has launched its flagship phone OnePlus 5 in June with the great success ahead. Everyone is expecting that company might launch its next version OnePlus 5T as they earlier did with OnePlus 3T after the launch of its OnePlus 3 Smartphone in India. Thinking about the competition in market OnePlus has decided to come up with refreshing look. They are about to cancel the planning of OnePlus 5T and focusing on OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018. This will become their big turn after the big success on OnePlus 5 launch in India. As there are rumors spreading that OnePlus 5 Smartphone coordinates with IPhone 7 design, which is a backdrop for OnePlus. As, OnePlus 5 does not have any refreshing looks like its earlier flagship smartphones. So, they have decided to move with OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 with fresh looks.
OnePlus 6 Launch Date India 2018

OnePlus 6 Launch in India 2018 specifications & price

However, there are no information revealed by the company regarding the OnePlus 6 Specifications. As compare to the earlier flagship smartphones, Oneplus will offer the latest snapdragon processor in its Oneplus 6 Smartphone. Actually Oneplus 5 phone has launched recently in India and it’s too early to assume about the OnePlus 6 Specifications. According to the source working in OnePlus company we have basic information on the Oneplus 6 Specifications and its material design.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone will come all in all new design for this generation to give tie to its competitors. On the other hand, OnePlus would come with Bezel-less screen with 5.5 inch display and its sport 18:9 ratio. OnePlus 6 display will come with Gorilla glass display protection with high durable function, and supports QHD resolution. Improving the display will be the game changer for OnePlus 6 Smartphone.

Regarding, processing power OnePlus 6 phone may utilize the New Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. As OnePlus 6 will be the flagship smartphone they would coordinate with Qualcomm Snapdragon for their flagship smartphone Oneplus 6. However, other flagship smartphones also getting tie up with Qualcomm Snapdragon for their next flagship smartphones. The OnePlus 6 Smartphone Ram management will be 6GB and 8BGB following 64GB and 125GB internal storage. However, OnePlus 6 performance will be in top-notch compare to other high branded smartphones. OnePlus 6 Smartphone price India 2018 will be same as their earlier flagship smartphones OnePlus 5.

However, co-founder of OnePlus “Mr. Lau” has Twitted that “Criticism is not bad thing, sometimes criticism is love.”

Keeping in mind, that where they have failed in OnePlus 5 they are going to make major improves in OnePlus 6 phone. Coming to camera department, OnePlus will always give good competition to all its competitors. Comparing to the price point OnePlus 5 has dual camera function and provide high picture quality in low light and day light as well. We can expect same with the OnePlus 6 phone with dual camera functionality and video recording 4k feature with OIS functionality. The OnePlus 6 mobile will have Quick charge 3.0 feature and Type-C usb port for charging port.

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OnePlus 6 Price in India and Final Conclusion

One Plus 6 release date in India

OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 early 1st quarter as expected, the source close to OnePlus 6 have informed that OnePlus will launch soon not like its early smartphones. Meanwhile, OnePlus 6 phone will run on latest Oxygen OS in it and comes with the latest android OS running as on date. OnePlus 6 Price in India 2018 will be around Rs. 35000/- approx. As, compare to the specifications given by the company the price will be negotiable at the time of launch. Apart from all of this OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 will be done before the month of June. More updated details will be posted here stay tuned.

Nokia 3310 3G new 2017High Speed Internet mobile, Nokia 3310 Classic Feature Budget Price

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New Nokia 3310 with Classic Feature 3G Phone

Nokia 3310 has got all new features in this era, the new edition Nokia 3310 has got 3G feature for 2017 edition. The earlier Nokia phone has got all the features but was lagging with the data usage, as the current generation 2G data is pathetic. Considering this Nokia has launched Nokia 3310 3G 2017 edition to rectify its missing feature in previous edition. As the New version Nokia 3310 3G will be available in market around Rs. 4600/-. Nokia 3310 3G variant will available as a global version for EUR 69, the phone will strike local market soon. The new version of 3310 3G will provide high speed internet compare to old generation phones.

Nokia 3310 3G new 2017

Nokia 3310 3G got announced by HMD Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala, he has claimed that they have got succeed to sell a million units of reinvigorated Nokia 3310 (2017) mobile phones. They have successfully sold out their phones in Global market.

Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 Edition Features and specifications

Excluding 3G connectivity, Nokia 3310 has all features like Bluetooth connectivity 2.1 version. Veteran games which are very popular on Nokia phones classic Snake game with new looks available. Micro-USB was included for file transfer and phone charging facility.

The New Features which adopted for Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 variant are 2.4-inch QVGA color display. Nokia 3310 3G OS operated on JAVA and internal storage will be limited to 64MB, which can be expandable up-to 32GB. Camera consists of 2MP with LED flash along with long-lasting battery. Nokia phones are meant for long battery life, Nokia 3310 3G consists of 1200mAh battery with 24 days of standby mode for dual-sim variant.

Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 price

Currently in India Nokia 3310 2G variant is going on sale for Rs. 3310/- as of now Nokia has not revealed the 3G variant price. Soon Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 price will be revealed by its sources, and we will update here. As Nokia 3310 3G will not come with 4G LTE feature, so jio customers need to step back if they are looking to buy Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 phone. As of now Jio is working with 4G LTE network which is advanced than 3G network. And currently mobile operators are providing 3G/4G data and same price. Customers who already adopted Nokia 3310 2G variant have to settle with limited data, only added benefit in new edition is 3G feature for High-speed.

Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 Overview

Its users decision whether to settle with New Nokia 3310 3G variant or go for any other featured device. As Nokia providing all new cool features and very own trusted device in market since years. The manufactures have given strong body like earlier devices. Before going to purchase Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 phone check your usability and go for it. 

Will GST effect fall on New Nokia 8 Mobile Price: Nokia 8 Launch Date and Price Details?

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New Nokia 8 Mobile Price and Launch Date:

Nokia is well-known branded in worldwide market and with recent entry of Nokia 5/ 6 it got a huge response in best mid-range smartphone 2017 segment. Now it wants to come up with New Nokia 8 Smartphone with flagship specifications. Nokia 8 will stand as a flagship device in Nokia branded devices, as it possess all new high end configuration in it.

Let’s get into more details about New Nokia 8 Specifications and details about its grand entry into market.

New Nokia 8 features 5.3 inch QHD display protecting with Gorilla Glass 5 on screen. Nokia 8 is combined by Snapdragon 835 processors given with 4GB/ 6GB RAM as provided in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) US and as well Adreno GPU. We know that Nokia mobile phones are meant for strong build quality. Here we can expect same with the Nokia 8 smartphone, as the phone having Gorilla Glass 5 protection on screen and powerful high end Snapdragon Chipset. Which is using by branded flagship Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge & One Plus 5 mobiles. Now Nokia 8 also using same powerful chipset in its most awaited smartphone Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 Camera Features and Battery Life:

Nokia 8 comes with Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) out of the box, and it is prepared to upgrade to Android 8.0 (Oreo) as well, users will have the latest Android experience with Nokia 8. And plan to upgrade storage capacity from 64GB/ 128GB to 256GB using microSD card.

Nokia 8 Camera have Dual 13MP with F/2.0 aperture, and other features like Nokia OZO audio, which overs 360 degree angles. There will be Type-C 1.0 reversible connector to quick charge the phone. Nokia 8 have fast battery charging with Quick Charge 3.0 with it. Nokia 8 have a 3090mAh battery which lasts for one day usage. The built quality of the phone is very steady which made of high quality of aluminum, when we pick Nokia 8 in our hands we will premium feel. We will provide the drop test soon based on the user comments. As of now the phone made of pure metal body series with Gorilla Glass display.

As there is no special announcement from the Nokia Company about the release date of New Nokia 8 in markets. But we can expect the Nokia 8 Smartphone release would be around second week of October month. We give more in depth details about Nokia 8 Smartphone about its release date, now let’s find about Nokia 8 Price and release date offers.

New Nokia 8 Price list/ Nokia 8 Release Date Offers:

Nokia is expected to strike the Indian market from second week of October 2017 and will be available on both online and office markets. Nokia Phones Price is expected at a price range of INR. 7,999/-. As there are some GST charges will effect on the Nokia 8 and the price will relatively change. But this phone will be first in its segment by releasing in this price point. The price may differ as there will be GST charges on that price point. The expected Nokia 8 price will be around Rs. 47000/- (600 EUR).

More details about Nokia 8 will be updated with official announcement date and launch event and compression with other flagship mobiles also. Let us know your opinions on the pricing of Nokia 8 Price in India.

Reliance JIO Phone most speculated Phone in Online, Check Jio Phone Delivery Date and JIO offers

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Most awaited and speculated phone in current period

Jio Phone has announced in the month of July’2017. It has 2.40 inch display with resolution of 240*320 pixels.

Jio phone comes with 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 512MB Ram in it. The phone itself 4G LTE enabled with 4GB internal storage and can expand storage up to 128GB using microSD card. Looking to the camera department Reliance Jio phone has 2MP primary camera on the rear facing. And 0.3MP front facing shooter for selfies. We can’t expect more in this category phones. The phone was priced at Rs. 1500/- and bookings have been already closed and wide range of peoples have already booked there phones and waiting for the delivery.
Reliance Jio phone

Reliance JIO Phone Features and Specifications at its Price range.

JIO Phones are designed with a dual core processor powered by 1.2 GHz speed and 512MB ram power. There is a 2MP rear camera and 0.3 Front camera contains 2000mAh removable battery. 4GB internal storage will be available by default and user can increase the storage using microSD card. However, Jio Phone is 4G LTE enabled with other features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Headphones, FM. Compare to its price point the phone offers wide range of features compare to other rivals.
Reliance Jio phone online

Reliance JIO phone customers can avail the cashback of Rs. 1500/- after the period of 36 months from the date of phone delivery. This is the great deal for Indian customers to get free services of JIO Applications and Free voice calling on the monthly recharge with the benefit of 1GB Date per day. JIO services has stood in top place within a year.

After announcing the Reliance JIO phone, other leading provider Airtel has also going to announce their budget friendly phone in market soon with free voice and date facility. Thanks to jio for giving 4G services for a cheap price.

The Jio Services will be always avail free with the monthly recharge. Customers can watch the Reliance JIO TV with HD channels available in it. Till now no other operator has provided this kind of services into market. The concept of Reliance JIO has changed the face of India economy, an average usage before Reliance Jio was 20% and after launching JIO Services in September 2016 the usage was increased by 120%.  
Reliance Jio phone offers

Reliance JIO Phone delivery will starts from this festival season, as there is a huge bookings has done within a span of time. So the manufactures has stopped the booking service, due to huge response company also trying to make production fast and going to deliver the phones by this festival season. According to the sources JIO phones are already been sent to few customers on Trial base. Looking to the response from the customers. They may release the JIO phones officially into the market. Customers can purchase the Reliance JIO Phone from all Reliance Stores, Reliance Site and Reliance jio outlets

Reliance JIO may also announce its next product Reliance Jio Dish in market. However, Reliance JIO Dish is under testing, soon we will give complete information about the Reliance JIO Dish and its features and availability. Hope Reliance JIo Dish will also come for 3 months subscription like JIO network services. As of now Reliance company is busy in pushing its JIO phone in market. 

New Apple IPhone 8 & Apple IPhone 8 plus Same Design Mix, Top New Features Never Before?

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Apple has announced its New Era Flagship Smartphone IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus

Until now there are Lakhs of fans were waiting for the Next generation Apple IPhone how it will be. There are lot of rumour speculated on Internet that Apple would introduce the next IPhone as Apple IPhone 7s. Keeping mouth shout of everyone, Apple has announced its Next Generation Apple IPhone X and Apple IPhone 8, 8 Plus. Apple has announced this top notch smartphones as its flagship killers on September 12, at Apples new headquarters in Cupertino, California. 

Just like Apple IPhone 6 & Apple 6s everyone thought the Apple Company would launch Apple IPhone 7s into the market. Apple IPhone 7 available with 4.7 inch display in market, as everyone thought that Apple would release large display with 5.5 inch screen size. Surprisingly Apple Company has skipped Apple IPhone 7s and directly released Apple IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus. 

New Apple IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus Flagship killer Smartphone

The Apple IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus comes with new processor A11 Bionic. Apple A11 Bionic uses 6 Cores in total with 2 high performance cores in it. The 2 high Performance cores are 25% faster than Apple A10 core processor. Apple A11 Bionic is the same chip used on Apple IPhone X. Which gives great performance and battery life in day to day usage. All the 3 models of Apple IPhone 8 / 8 Plus & Apple IPhone X will have same user experience with difference of display. 

Camera Performance will be great experience in Apple IPhone, keeping that in mind Apple has given 12-megapixel dual lens rear camera with f/1.8. Apple claims 85% more natural light will be produced more than its elder sibling Apple iPhone 7. 

Earlier  IPhone 7 plus wanted to keep dual camera to perform portrait mode to clear blur backgrounds, now apple company launched IPhone 8 plus with new camera feature portrait lighting. This feature will helps reducing light effects in scene in pictures; machine learning was used in portrait mode. 

Apple IPhone 8 Plus Improvements and Highlights 

As simple, iPhone 8 has started improving its real time experience to give competition to its rivals. With improved processing power and battery performance for multi-tasking in day to day usage. Apple IPhone 8 fits for everyone and all the age groups. 

The New Apple IPhone X Big Display, IPhone X Launch Date and Special Offers

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New Apple IPhone X has released recently in the market

After a long wait apple fans got what they want, Apple Company has launched Apple IPhone X on its IPhones 10th Anniversary. Apple till now has brought its flagship phones named as IPhone 6s, IPhone 7 but as New Special Edition it has Launched Apple IPhone X as a limited Edition.

The Event has done in the presence of Tim Cook, in Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Campus. According to the Tim Cook Apple IPhone X has full display with no border on the display. Also there is no finger print sensor, which was replaced with face deduction. There is no dedicated home button like its earlier rivals there are some gestures to move home screen and switch to apps. Yet there are many other features present in this New Special Edition Apple IPhone X.

The Main Features of New Apple IPhone X Special Edition.
 New Apple IPhone X contains OLED display, keep in mind this is the first time where Apple Company used OLED Display on Apple IPhone X. The Earlier siblings contain Super Retina Display in its phones. Apple IPhone X contains 5.8 inches OLED Display with a Screen Resolution of 2436*1125 pixels.

Apple Informed its users that they have resolved problems like color accuracy and screen brightness, which were existed on earlier OLED Smartphones. Apple also managed to add Dolby Vision & HDR10 for video playback for great viewing experience and sound quality.

NEW Apple IPhone X Special Edition Camera Compression

Apple phones are meant for its camera quality; already we are experiencing great camera shots with IPhone. Undoubtedly the New Apple IPhone X has also came with new camera features like 12-megapixel Duel lens Rear Camera with dual optical image stabilization made of a wide angle f/1.8 aperture lens and telephoto f/2.4 aperture lens. New Apple IPhone X can capture photos Natural Lighting effect. Camera features are been same in both the Apple IPhone X & Apple IPhone 8 smartphones. New Apple IPhone 8 & IPhone X has new improved camera features more than its earlier siblings. Video recording has been improved with 4k resolution with 60fps and in slow motion video it can record 240fps.

IPhone X Apple Smartphone Availability and Pricing News

According to source Apple IPhone X Price would be reveled @ 1000$ (expected price). IPhone X will be available in either 64GB or 256GB variants. Bookings will be available from October 27 onwards, and expected to deliver by November 3rd. Great News is that the New Apple IPhone X will be sold in 55 countries globally. Stay tuned here for more details about New IPhone X Offers and Apple Iphone 8 details.

The New Apple IPhone X is the 3rd phone announced in September 12th; on the same event we have seen the New IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus. This year Apple Company has launched majorly IPhone X and IPhone 8 followed by Apple Watch 3 Series. Let’s see how the response of the audience with all this new changes done by Apple Company in new era.