SEE Pics: Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes in Kashmir, while charging JioPhone

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JioPhone Allegedly explodes and melt while charging:

Tech Digital Seva: According to the source surfaced in online stated that Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes in Kashmir. According the image shown here the rear panel of the device has completely melted. A news has getting viral from today morning regarding the Reliance JioPhone explodes in Kashmir. Now, all the JioPhone customers are worried about the issue happened today, as this is the first time we are seeing that Reliance JioPhone Allegedly exploded. But according to the source from LYF JioPhone distributer claims that there are no signs of battery damage nor the front of the phone. Only rear panel of the JioPhone got melted due to the overcharging or something else got occurred. As of now the LYF JioPhone distributors are engaged to inspect and resolve the problem soon. 

Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes

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Find out Reasons, Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes:

Reliance JioPhone exploded today in Kashmir and LYF distributor is inspecting the JioPhone, they have confirmed that the phone battery is still working and JioPhone is has no signs of damage. Everything is in perfect condition, they analyzing the it would be chagrining cable fault, LYF distributor requested customers to use only supplied charger to charge their JioPhone. 

After hearing the Reliance JioPhone allegedly exploded news in online, many of the customers got shocked with that news. As of now JioPhone company has delivered 6 million of phones and second phase of booking phones are about to deliver. By this news some the customers can stop their bookings, but no need to worry about this JioPhone exploded news. 

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Reliance JioPhone Spokesperson on “Reliance JioPhone Allegedly Explodes” news:

After hearing the Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes while charging news in online. Reliance Retail spokesperson has stated that Reliance JioPhone are designed and manufactured with global standards has qualified all the quality checks. The incident where it took place and timing we will investigate and make more quality checking in our phones. So, customers need not to worry with their JioPhone, as the second phase of Jio Phone are about to deliver soon.   

Reliance Jio is starting the pre-order of its Jio Phones soon on their site. As of now company is delivering the first phase of the phone to all the customers who booked earlier. There are 6 million Jio Phones getting delivering now check here

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