Skipping OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018, OnePlus 6 Price details here

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One Plus 6 release date in India, Skipping OnePlus 5T

OnePlus has recently has launched its flagship phone OnePlus 5 in June with the great success ahead. Everyone is expecting that company might launch its next version OnePlus 5T as they earlier did with OnePlus 3T after the launch of its OnePlus 3 Smartphone in India. Thinking about the competition in market OnePlus has decided to come up with refreshing look. They are about to cancel the planning of OnePlus 5T and focusing on OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018. This will become their big turn after the big success on OnePlus 5 launch in India. As there are rumors spreading that OnePlus 5 Smartphone coordinates with IPhone 7 design, which is a backdrop for OnePlus. As, OnePlus 5 does not have any refreshing looks like its earlier flagship smartphones. So, they have decided to move with OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 with fresh looks.
OnePlus 6 Launch Date India 2018

OnePlus 6 Launch in India 2018 specifications & price

However, there are no information revealed by the company regarding the OnePlus 6 Specifications. As compare to the earlier flagship smartphones, Oneplus will offer the latest snapdragon processor in its Oneplus 6 Smartphone. Actually Oneplus 5 phone has launched recently in India and it’s too early to assume about the OnePlus 6 Specifications. According to the source working in OnePlus company we have basic information on the Oneplus 6 Specifications and its material design.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone will come all in all new design for this generation to give tie to its competitors. On the other hand, OnePlus would come with Bezel-less screen with 5.5 inch display and its sport 18:9 ratio. OnePlus 6 display will come with Gorilla glass display protection with high durable function, and supports QHD resolution. Improving the display will be the game changer for OnePlus 6 Smartphone.

Regarding, processing power OnePlus 6 phone may utilize the New Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. As OnePlus 6 will be the flagship smartphone they would coordinate with Qualcomm Snapdragon for their flagship smartphone Oneplus 6. However, other flagship smartphones also getting tie up with Qualcomm Snapdragon for their next flagship smartphones. The OnePlus 6 Smartphone Ram management will be 6GB and 8BGB following 64GB and 125GB internal storage. However, OnePlus 6 performance will be in top-notch compare to other high branded smartphones. OnePlus 6 Smartphone price India 2018 will be same as their earlier flagship smartphones OnePlus 5.

However, co-founder of OnePlus “Mr. Lau” has Twitted that “Criticism is not bad thing, sometimes criticism is love.”

Keeping in mind, that where they have failed in OnePlus 5 they are going to make major improves in OnePlus 6 phone. Coming to camera department, OnePlus will always give good competition to all its competitors. Comparing to the price point OnePlus 5 has dual camera function and provide high picture quality in low light and day light as well. We can expect same with the OnePlus 6 phone with dual camera functionality and video recording 4k feature with OIS functionality. The OnePlus 6 mobile will have Quick charge 3.0 feature and Type-C usb port for charging port.

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OnePlus 6 Price in India and Final Conclusion

One Plus 6 release date in India

OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 early 1st quarter as expected, the source close to OnePlus 6 have informed that OnePlus will launch soon not like its early smartphones. Meanwhile, OnePlus 6 phone will run on latest Oxygen OS in it and comes with the latest android OS running as on date. OnePlus 6 Price in India 2018 will be around Rs. 35000/- approx. As, compare to the specifications given by the company the price will be negotiable at the time of launch. Apart from all of this OnePlus 6 launch in India 2018 will be done before the month of June. More updated details will be posted here stay tuned.

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