Know* Why Nokia brought new 4G phone to India, Nokia 3310 4G (2017)

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Reasons of bringing Nokia 3310 4G substitute to Nokia 3310 3G

HMD Global has officially twitted that there would be 4G variant of Nokia 3310 instead of 3G model. As per the increasing demand of 4G requirement and upgrade in network bands with many telephone operators in world. Nokia manufactures have decided to bring Nokia 3310 4G (2017) variant to India. As Nokia 3310 3G would be out dated by its release time, already Nokia 3310 have lot of hype in mobile market in India. Taking it in to consideration Nokia is releasing the 4G model phone, which supports all kind of networks globally. In recent post we have discussed that Nokia is next level of Nokia 3310, which would be 3G variant in India. But now it was replaced by the Nokia 3310 4Gmodel, got hint from the officials.
Nokia 3310 4G (2017)

Nokia mobiles are in Trending in India Nokia 3310 4G (2017)

There are apparently 4 models of Nokia has launched in India till now and all its phones have got lot of hype its great built and features. However, Nokia 3310 2G variant have sold like hot cakes in India with in a span of time. Considering the customer needs Nokia wants to relaunch the Nokia 3310 3Gvariant earlier but due to some technical issues they are looking to launch the Nokia 3310 4G (2017) Variant. So, nokia fans can soon expect the new model of Nokia 3310 4G (2017) model. There are no additional features added in the phone as of now. But users can experience quality network feature compare to 2G network as well they enjoy High speed internet.
Nokia 3310 4G 2017

Nokia officials has confirmed in business meet that “if there is business scope for Nokia 3310 in open market category, they are ready to launch their product.” Added

Nokia 3310 4G Price in India, Nokia 3310 launch soon

Considering to the smartphone networks demand nokia believe that to get into this competition they need to give latest smart featured phone. As Reliance JioPhone has introduced the 4G LTE enabled phone in market for Rs. 1500/-. So, Nokia 3310 should plan their pricing according to its competitors keeping the brand name aside.
Nokia 3310 4G 2017 Price in India

On other ward Nokia 3310 4G will not give any kind of competition to its competitors, because of its beautiful build quality, branded manufacture, after sales support and featured device ready. Considering all these things we can expect no other phone will come competition to nokia 3310.

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