First Look of JioPhone TV Cable in India, How to Connect JioPhone TV Cable to televisions

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First Look of JioPhone TV Cable adapter

On the launch event of JioPhone Ambani has announced that Jio users can connect their Jio Phones to their CRT televisions and also LED TVs (using HDMI ports). Recently, Reliance Jio has launched their new product JioPhone TV Cable, where users can watch online TV using their JioPhone. We will provide complete details how to connect your JioPhone to your Old CRT TV/ LED TVs.

JioPhone TV Cable will enhance users to get a great experience of Live TV on their Televisions either it’s an OLD CRT Tv or LED TV. This JioPhone TV Cable is compatible for all kinds of TVs with 720p playback support on HD TVs. JioPhone Cable TV will come in two kinds of adapters for different usage of TV in market.

How to use JioPhone Cable TV connection

Jio Phone TV Cable Price in India

As shown in the above image there are two different kinds of adapter which are going to sell in India very soon. JioPhone Cable TV connection go on sell in all Reliance Stores, but date has been not specified yet. Users need to buy Jio Cable TV adapter according their TV compatibility, otherwise it won’t support.

JioPhone TV Cable adapter has microUSB port on one end and Type A USB port on the other end, which connects to Jio Cable Adapter. As there are two kinds of variants in Jio TV cable connection, one will have RCA out and another will have HDMI Out.

JioPhone TV Cable

Users those who are using Old CRT model TVs need to go for RCA out model adapter, while users having LED TVs need to choose HDMI port adapter. Which will support 720p HD display resolution for HDMI port adapter. The live experience of Jio TV will thrill all the users, no more DTH connections or cable connections. Open your My Jio app and watch Jio TV live with HD channels without any extra cost. Most of your favorite can be viewed in Jio TV app for free.

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Jio Phone TV Cable Price in India

The JioPhone TV Cable has unveiled recently in an ongoing India Mobile congress, which has held in New Delhi. Specifically, there is no price tag found on the device case, but bookings may start soon by end of the month. Customers use their JioPhone to connect adapter to their Television. The following video reveals how to use JioPhone TV cable to your Television. 

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