Google, Facebook admitted the wrong suspect – Las Vegas Attack 2017

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Las Vegas Attack 2017 - post this incident, pledge Facebook and Google to stop false news.

Tech Digital Seva: it’s very unnatural for very sources of information, sometimes they carry a wrong information on social media. One of those incidents was Google and Facebook had carried and “promoted” a false news just in minutes after the ghastly Las Vegas Shooting attack, which placed on Sunday that reportedly killed 59 innocent people. Las Vegas has pledged Facebook and Google to all the false news against this action.

Las Vegas Attack 2017

More details about this incident on Los Vegas - social media false news

On Monday, both the famous social media platforms, acknowledged that some posts have been rumored on the social media network. Some of the posts started doing rumors on Google and Facebook with enormously, facility of both the platforms has just suspected this and removed the posts.

Las Vegas Attack 2017-2018

Amazingly, one the faculty posts got highlighted and made it to Googles “Top Stories” while another has got circulated by Facebook users on a high number of shares and likes. This was falsely identified the shooter and that person was identified as Stephen Paddock.

The false news was promoted by a story website which was famously called “The Gateway Pundit” and named a different person as the shooter. Otherwise, posters on the anonymous and anarchic forum gave a political twist which supposed to be claiming that individual was the shooter and a social democrat. 

Google has recently released the statement stating that the highlighted 4chan.orgs was politically incorrect message board and also incorrect posts appeared. 4chans inappropriate post was displayed for couple of hours before google search algorithm replaced it with more relevant results. Google has acknowledged the pledge from the Los Vega and apparently removed all the posts from the google search engine. Next day onwards the posts and news were not shown in the Google news and Facebook as well.

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“This would have not been appeared for any queries” a Google spokesperson stated. 

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