Android Action Launcher v30 update ‘At a Glance’ Pixel+Oreo Looks

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Action Launcher v30 update, Cool Looks like Pixel Launcher:

Tech Digital Seva: Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' is the best launcher available in App Store, which replace your smartphone looks like Pixel interface. Recently, Action Launcher got update v30 this app got all latest features out of the box, it user interface resemble Googles Pixel Launcher. Not only the UI, but also Icons and shutters will behave same like the original look of Google Pixel. 

Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance'

Previous updates have embedded Adaptive Pack icon integration and customizable bottom search box, same as Pixel launcher. Latest update of Action Launcher v30 integrated Pixels “At a Glance” widget, which helps your next calendar appointment as well as current date and weather, even you can also choose colorize the icons in search box. 

Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' Pixel looks:

Android Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' will resemble Pixel launcher or Nexus, it is not just launcher, complete integration of Pixel. Those who are looking to customize their smartphone with new looks of Stockandroid based OS. This is a perfect combination of making your phone with new Pixel + Oreo based phone with no additional purchase of anything. 

Googl App Store Action Launcher v30

The dock which included in search box has added latest features in Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' with personalization options. It has new looks of Google logo, now you can change any color of the icon precisely and color pattern. Now, you have two colored options choose either stripes or in grid, and view the angle they display at screen. 

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Google App Store Action Launcher v30 download link:

The latest update of Action Launcher v30 has many bug fixes and stability features. Founder, Lacy, stated that launcher will have more smooth performance on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphones. You can get Action Launcher v30 download link here, update to the latest version of Action Launcher and enjoy all the features of Pixel + Oreo on your smartphone. 

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