Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date - Samsung first foldable smartphone

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Not Iphone X, its Samsung Galaxy X 2018 smartphone, first foldable smartphone in world

Things getting best and even better, while we have seen Bezel-less screens? Dual cameras? What’s Next?

Tech Digital Seva: Before you’d ask me that here I will answer everything. The trend setter Samsung company has recently introduced its new next wave smartphone, which we cannot stop waiting for it. Samsung Smartphones will innovate new kind of technology every year samsung mobiles will come up with new kind of technology in to market. Now, that trend is changing day by day Samsung is keeping a way from its competitors. In recent press release, Samsung unveiled its new invention, Samsung Galaxy X’s with all new beautiful looks and worlds first foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date

Samsung will usually develop top notch Galaxy phones with recent launch of Samsung galaxy S8 smartphones has created trend in the market with Bezel-less smartphone, which is first in kind in Samsung Smartphones. Now, they came up with new invention, where users can use foldable smartphone device in their hands.

Check Specification Samsung Galaxy X 2018 Smartphone

As all the Samsung flagship smartphones will come with top-notch specifications, this time we would expect Snapdragon 845 powered chipset in Samsung flagship smartphones. The South Kores Radio Agency kept model number for Samsung Galaxy X, which follows as SM – G888N0.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date price in india

The model has arrived for the Bluetooth certification and completed all the tests with following Model Number SM – G888N0, Samsung Galaxy X’s 2018 version will out soon in October’2017. Samsung hinted that Samsung Galaxy X 2018 will be sold all around the world as limited edition. Like its previous smartphone Samsung Galaxy Edge has also sold as limited edition. As this is first flagship phone, which possess foldable screen. Samsung has its own identity in making its own display’s, they have OLED panels, Curved display which got hype in market.

 Samsung Galaxy X 2018 Edition Review

South Korean tech gain has again brought a new change in flagship smartphones, now they come up with new invention called Samsung Galaxy X 2018 foldable smartphone. This device won’t be any commercial device, which can’t be effort by normal users. In memory of 2014’s Samsung Galaxy Edge, which was the first curved screen display in smartphone market. And it was available in South Korea and limited availability in India. After a couple of years now Samsung made another step forward in smartphone world. Samsung Galaxy X’s units will first available in its home country South Korea, and later on other countries will be listed out.

Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date price in india

Our final words toward Samsung Galaxy X foldable release date would be October’2017. And the limitations of the Galaxy X won’t last much time like its other smartphones. There are many inventions ahead, but our living conditions are different from region to region. Taking in consideration, Apply iPhone X missed finger print sensor and adopted face recognition feature, which won’t useful for everyone. So, let’s see how Samsung galaxy X’s foldable flagship smartphone impress all the critics. But this a great move from Samsung company, Samsung may launch both Galaxy X’s and Galaxy S9 simultaneously. Both the phones are breath taking phones for South Korean Samsung giant.

Samsung Galaxy X’s Release Date and Price in India

Samsung Galaxy X foldable flagship smartphone will never have any competition for its latest invention. The Galaxy X has already had one with ZTE, which is china based smartphone maker has launch world’s first smartphone with foldable display, known as ZTE Axon M. Samsung Galaxy X display consist of 6.8 inch with 1920*2160-pixel resolution. As said above we could expect Samsung Galaxy X 2018 release date would be in October 2017. 

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