Nokia 3310 3G new 2017High Speed Internet mobile, Nokia 3310 Classic Feature Budget Price

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New Nokia 3310 with Classic Feature 3G Phone

Nokia 3310 has got all new features in this era, the new edition Nokia 3310 has got 3G feature for 2017 edition. The earlier Nokia phone has got all the features but was lagging with the data usage, as the current generation 2G data is pathetic. Considering this Nokia has launched Nokia 3310 3G 2017 edition to rectify its missing feature in previous edition. As the New version Nokia 3310 3G will be available in market around Rs. 4600/-. Nokia 3310 3G variant will available as a global version for EUR 69, the phone will strike local market soon. The new version of 3310 3G will provide high speed internet compare to old generation phones.

Nokia 3310 3G new 2017

Nokia 3310 3G got announced by HMD Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala, he has claimed that they have got succeed to sell a million units of reinvigorated Nokia 3310 (2017) mobile phones. They have successfully sold out their phones in Global market.

Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 Edition Features and specifications

Excluding 3G connectivity, Nokia 3310 has all features like Bluetooth connectivity 2.1 version. Veteran games which are very popular on Nokia phones classic Snake game with new looks available. Micro-USB was included for file transfer and phone charging facility.

The New Features which adopted for Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 variant are 2.4-inch QVGA color display. Nokia 3310 3G OS operated on JAVA and internal storage will be limited to 64MB, which can be expandable up-to 32GB. Camera consists of 2MP with LED flash along with long-lasting battery. Nokia phones are meant for long battery life, Nokia 3310 3G consists of 1200mAh battery with 24 days of standby mode for dual-sim variant.

Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 price

Currently in India Nokia 3310 2G variant is going on sale for Rs. 3310/- as of now Nokia has not revealed the 3G variant price. Soon Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 price will be revealed by its sources, and we will update here. As Nokia 3310 3G will not come with 4G LTE feature, so jio customers need to step back if they are looking to buy Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 phone. As of now Jio is working with 4G LTE network which is advanced than 3G network. And currently mobile operators are providing 3G/4G data and same price. Customers who already adopted Nokia 3310 2G variant have to settle with limited data, only added benefit in new edition is 3G feature for High-speed.

Nokia 3310 3G New 2017 Overview

Its users decision whether to settle with New Nokia 3310 3G variant or go for any other featured device. As Nokia providing all new cool features and very own trusted device in market since years. The manufactures have given strong body like earlier devices. Before going to purchase Nokia 3310 3G new 2017 phone check your usability and go for it. 

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