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Buy New Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner, costs only Rs. 5999/-

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Smartphone with Dual Camera & Fingerprint scnanner for Rs 5999/- only

Get Itel Mobile it is the second largest selling phone in Indian mobile phone market, according to recent CMR report.

The smartphone race sales in India are getting lot of computation day-by-day. As most of the companies are putting efforts in making high specs phone in medium price point. Likewise, we are seeing dual cameras, bezel-less designs can now effort with a common price range. Lowering the price range with affordable and attractive, which makes customers to make most out of it. Itel mobile phones are even pushing their phones in market with very low price with high end specs. Itel mobile phone are now striking the Indian mobile phone market, with dual camera and fingerprint scanner available only for Rs. 5999/- only. For more detailed verdict check details here.

Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner

Itel Mobile Smartphone with Dual Camera & fingerprint scanner @ Rs. 5999/-

As Itel mobile makers have all new smartphones every month, so it’s hard to keep track all the phones. Now, they have kept trend in mobile market by launching Dual camera & fingerprint scanner phone for just Rs. 5999/- which is really unforgettable. Itel mobile has opened up on Wednesday, about its new launch phone in india. As we have seen the reports Itel mobile was the second largest mobile phone selling in Indian market according to the CMR report.

The manufacturer has good reputation in producing the effective budget smartphone, as their new smartphone also got all new features to give tough competition in mobile market. Itel mobile features dual camera with fingerprint scanner - $21, at this price range no other phone is providing these features. Hope this phone will not have any competition with other phones at this price point.

Verdict on Itel Mobile Launch in india for Rs. 5999/-

Itel Mobile carries a 64-bit MediaTek quad-core processor under the hood, with 1GB RAM possessing 16GB storage capacity, which can be expandable. The batter consists of 2700mAh it can deliver up to 10 hours 4Gtalk-time and easily lasts a day on normal usage.

Itel Mobile handset comes with 5-inch FWVGA IPS display, an 8MP rear-facing camera, containing fingerprint scanner and mobile phone issupported 4G VoLTE & ViLTE out of the box. The phone has additional advantages of integrated Smartphone Manager, and possess all required sensor at this price point.

For the above price point Itel Mobile not only giving latest spec but also advantages of Carl Care service support. This impressive phone can be brought for at Rs. 5999/-, the phone will be available in three colors Moonlight Sliver, Champagne Gold and Elegant Black. 

Spotlight* Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview, proximity sensor will turn On

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Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview Update brings proximity sensor feature turn ON

Tech Digital Seva: The new Android Oreo 8.1 developer preview will come with lots of additional changes, which are useful and helpful. The new update of Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview, may not have all the features, leaving some of the bugs aside it has some added features to proximity sensor will turn ON always. Though it is good advantage, but it has got some problems with the battery issue. Let’s see about this on our detailed review here.

Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview

On previous version of Android Oreo 8.0, we have seen that screen wake on new notification alert or with a double tap, it can be either shut off if the phone is in pocket or the proximity sensor was covered. This is useful advantage for users to conserve battery life and can see all the notification without unlocking the phone. Also, good thing is that you can wave your hand on sensor to sleep the screen, after seeing the notifications.

Check Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview for Google Devices:

Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview update will be early accessed to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, just like Android 8.0 update. The proximity sensor has no conduct on utilizing of ambient display (which could cause heavy battery drain) nor it won’t shut off the screen, when it sensor gets covered. After testing the Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview, we have tested, if the sensor got covered either in your pocket or bag, Ambient display wont trigger and screen wont wake. Thus, your screen will not get heat up not your phone battery will consume batter life.

If you want Pixel User interface on you phone use this Action Launcher v30 App.

Android 8.1 Oreo  Developer preview

The new feature has many new things, which makes your phone even more better than earlier version, but let’s see how the batter life will bear on new Android 8.1 Oreo Update. Currently, we dint find any lag issues or bug cause on Oreo 8.1 developer preview.

Overview, Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview:

Our final verdict on Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview, the ambient display will not affect your battery life on daily usage. The ambient display may not simultaneously work with OLED display, which can only capable of waking only specific pixels, like wise which are present on Pixel phones. Currently, we need keep in mind only about the screen wake, if at all we use phone on heavy usage it may get over heated. Currently, we dint got any issues about this screen over heat, if any one face. Do let us know on comment section below. This was our full information about the Android Oreo 8.1 Developer preview, for more updates follow us social links.  

Android Action Launcher v30 update ‘At a Glance’ Pixel+Oreo Looks

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Action Launcher v30 update, Cool Looks like Pixel Launcher:

Tech Digital Seva: Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' is the best launcher available in App Store, which replace your smartphone looks like Pixel interface. Recently, Action Launcher got update v30 this app got all latest features out of the box, it user interface resemble Googles Pixel Launcher. Not only the UI, but also Icons and shutters will behave same like the original look of Google Pixel. 

Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance'

Previous updates have embedded Adaptive Pack icon integration and customizable bottom search box, same as Pixel launcher. Latest update of Action Launcher v30 integrated Pixels “At a Glance” widget, which helps your next calendar appointment as well as current date and weather, even you can also choose colorize the icons in search box. 

Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' Pixel looks:

Android Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' will resemble Pixel launcher or Nexus, it is not just launcher, complete integration of Pixel. Those who are looking to customize their smartphone with new looks of Stockandroid based OS. This is a perfect combination of making your phone with new Pixel + Oreo based phone with no additional purchase of anything. 

Googl App Store Action Launcher v30

The dock which included in search box has added latest features in Action Launcher v30 'At a Glance' with personalization options. It has new looks of Google logo, now you can change any color of the icon precisely and color pattern. Now, you have two colored options choose either stripes or in grid, and view the angle they display at screen. 

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Google App Store Action Launcher v30 download link:

The latest update of Action Launcher v30 has many bug fixes and stability features. Founder, Lacy, stated that launcher will have more smooth performance on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphones. You can get Action Launcher v30 download link here, update to the latest version of Action Launcher and enjoy all the features of Pixel + Oreo on your smartphone. 

SEE Pics: Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes in Kashmir, while charging JioPhone

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JioPhone Allegedly explodes and melt while charging:

Tech Digital Seva: According to the source surfaced in online stated that Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes in Kashmir. According the image shown here the rear panel of the device has completely melted. A news has getting viral from today morning regarding the Reliance JioPhone explodes in Kashmir. Now, all the JioPhone customers are worried about the issue happened today, as this is the first time we are seeing that Reliance JioPhone Allegedly exploded. But according to the source from LYF JioPhone distributer claims that there are no signs of battery damage nor the front of the phone. Only rear panel of the JioPhone got melted due to the overcharging or something else got occurred. As of now the LYF JioPhone distributors are engaged to inspect and resolve the problem soon. 

Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes

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Find out Reasons, Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes:

Reliance JioPhone exploded today in Kashmir and LYF distributor is inspecting the JioPhone, they have confirmed that the phone battery is still working and JioPhone is has no signs of damage. Everything is in perfect condition, they analyzing the it would be chagrining cable fault, LYF distributor requested customers to use only supplied charger to charge their JioPhone. 

After hearing the Reliance JioPhone allegedly exploded news in online, many of the customers got shocked with that news. As of now JioPhone company has delivered 6 million of phones and second phase of booking phones are about to deliver. By this news some the customers can stop their bookings, but no need to worry about this JioPhone exploded news. 

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Reliance JioPhone Spokesperson on “Reliance JioPhone Allegedly Explodes” news:

After hearing the Reliance JioPhone Allegedly explodes while charging news in online. Reliance Retail spokesperson has stated that Reliance JioPhone are designed and manufactured with global standards has qualified all the quality checks. The incident where it took place and timing we will investigate and make more quality checking in our phones. So, customers need not to worry with their JioPhone, as the second phase of Jio Phone are about to deliver soon.   

Reliance Jio is starting the pre-order of its Jio Phones soon on their site. As of now company is delivering the first phase of the phone to all the customers who booked earlier. There are 6 million Jio Phones getting delivering now check here

Buy* Nokia 9 Launch Date in India, Nokia 9 Images Leaked

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Nokia 9 Images leaked in online and Nokia 9 Specifications

Tech Digital Seva: Nokia 9 has already creating buzz around the world. All the leaks and rumors so far, they are not obtained accurate, after seeing the latest release of Nokia 9 Images. Recently, we got the latest press release pics of Nokia 9 from Russia, as of now nokia 9 is being certified in Russia for final tests. It will soon strike the market globally, meanwhile let’s see the design made of Nokia 9 and its specifications here. The latest Nokia 9 images are shown only the back panel (source gsmarena), 
the below pics are identical to Nokia 8.

Nokia 9 launch date in india has been conformed at 2018 Q3 as its under testing process. As of now viewers can view all the specifications of Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 lauch date in inda

Nokia 9 Release date in India markets and price details

As expected Nokia 9 launch date in india would me marked in 2018 under price bracket of 700$. Featuring to its specifications Nokia 9 comes with 5.5-inch AMOLED display (an 18:9 ratio), we can expect a QHD+ resolution, under gorilla glass display. As the body panel are made with aluminum metal like its earlier smartphones. The thickness of Nokia 9 will be around 8.9mm, we would consider the camera hump back side of phone.

nokia 9 images

 Nokia 9 Launch Date in India & Specifications

Nokia 9 powers with adreno chipset with a powerful GPU in it, although it features flagship specifications in it. On the top-notch Nokia phones are good at after sales in worldwide market, customers can confidentially purchase the nokia devices without any hassles. As Nokia 9 release date in india was marked at 2018 and soon we get the complete speciation’s list here of Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 release date

Nokia is also planning to introduce its new smartphone Nokia 2 which is been certified by regulators in Russia. Nokia 2 dual SIM TA-1029 model got approved for the marked, soon it will strike the market globally. 

Buy Airtel Apple iPhone 7 Price available for Rs 7777 online store check here

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Get New Apple iPhone 7 Price for Rs 7777 on Airtel online store

Tech Digital Seva: Now, you can own an Apple iPhone 7 Price for down payment of just Rs 7,777/- from any Bharti Airtel exclusive online store available from today. As a festive season Airtel has brought new plan to its customers. Along with New Apple iPhone 7, customers can avail additional data and Airtel’s secure packages, which covers the Apple iPhone 7 from lost/theft or any kind of damage with no extra cost.
Airtel Iphone 7 Apple Price

Buyers can use their secure payment through any bank card verification and instant financing also available with easy monthly plans at Airtel online store. This is an exclusive deal for buyers those who are looking to purchase Apple iPhone 7 (32 GB variant), if we see Apple iPhone 7 price in India its cost around 50 thousand above. Here in Airtel store customers can avail New Apple iPhone 7 Price for just Rs 7,777/- exclusively.   

New Apple iPhone 7 Price in India for Rs. 7777/- with easy payment methods

The Airtel Company has announced today officially that Apple iPhone 7 (32 GB) variant will cost for Rs. 7,777/- and 24 months installments of Rs. 2499/- each. The premium smartphone will come with Airtel data and calling pack, which is career locked till the contract period as stated by the Bharati Airtel. This season consumers who are interested to purchase Apple iPhone 7 in India can get from Bharati Airtel online store exclusively.

On a Digital innovation program Airtel Online has launched Apple Iphone 7 launch in its store. Keeping in mind and value of customer experience across of its services and touch points. Bharti Airtel Stated that it has invested around Rs. 2000/- crore under Project Next.

In this digital platform integration, consumers can upgrade their old smartphone with premium New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB variant. Those who cannot effort with total sport cash, can they avail easy financing schemes and purchase it airtel online store. Compare to other online market stores and Apple official store, Airtel online store is providing best scheme under its digital platform with the success of Apple Iphone Seven 32 GB variant. They will introduce many more offers with same facility and easy monthly installments. Airtel combines with Apple iPhone 7 Launch in Airtel Online Store live from today.

New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB Available in Airtel Online Store:

On interview with Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO & Director – Engineering, Bharti Airtel said, this is additional digital innovation from Airtel to delight customers. This is not only help customers to upgrade their old smartphones with premium Apple Iphone 7 Price at Rs. 7,777/- only with lot of benefits.

Airtel Iphone 7 Apple Phone

Imagine getting your dream Airtel Iphone 7 Apple branded phone for just Rs. 7777/- with easy monthly installments and instant credit purchase exclusively on Airtel Online Store. So, without waiting further grab your New Apple Iphone 7 32 GB variant before stock gets out. Airtel company, thanks its partners for support to its digital integration.  

Click on below link to get Apple IPHONE 7 32GB for RS. 7,777/-

Buy Now Airtel Karbonn A40 Vs JioPhone, Airtel Karbonn A40 4G LTE Mobile

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Airtel Karbonn A40 will be available for Rs. 1,399/-

Tech Digital Seva: Like every other competitor JioPhone also got its competitor now in market. Recently Airtel has launched new 4G LTE support mobiles in market. As days pass on the new inventions will begin and new updates will roll out, market competitors are immensely offering price of Rs. 0/- or more precisely of free. So, countermeasures from the rival companies are necessary. India’s first telecom company RIL’s JioPhone got its competitor Airtel.

Airtel Karbonn A40 Release Date

Airtel has joined their hands with homemade brand Karbonn to make the lowest price range, which features 4G LTE support. As per the source information Airtel Karbonn A40 priced at Rs. 1,399/-, the partnership will continue with the phone and would launch as “Airtel’s Mera Pehla 4G smartphone” slogan. The method of providing the lowest priced 4G LTE mobile, where every common man can utilize the 4G technology.

Airtel Karbonn Vs JioPhone 4G LTE features

As we have seen the JioPhone 4G are already available in market with the lowest price range, while no other mobile company is providing 4G device at this price range. Now Airtel Karbonn A40 has taken the lead and proving the customers 4G handsets priced at Rs. 1399/-. Customers need to know that Airtel Karbonn A40 will come contract based phone, so you need to choose a plan from the native telecom operator to avail the phone features.

Airtel Karbonn A40 Release Date

Airtel is looking to charge around Rs. 7000/- from each customer for a hole period of 3 years to use its services. While JioPhone can be returned at any time in order to claim their amount, in this case airtel has announced the customers can return the phone end of the time period without giving back the phone. Looks like JioPhone has a good competitor in the mobile market, as we have seen that around 6 million of JioPhone are getting delivered by end of the festive season. Now Airtel also pushing its Karbonn A40 phones in market very soon.

However, we know that JioPhone inbuilt comes with contract-based, as the phone will work only with Jio sim. On other hand Airtel Karbonn A40 will not come with locked, customer can use any of the service operator.

Also, Karbonn 4G LTE is fully featured mobile which got Full scale of 4G VoLTE support and also airtel in migrating their services from 4G to complete 4G VoLTE features. That would be hard for jio company to get back their customers.

Airtel Karbonn A40 Release Date

Main aspect of JioPhone is that it’s completely featured 4GLTE support mobile phone. Coming to Airtel Karbonn A40 is completely smartphone first in India. As JioPhone first phase was made in china and got branded in India. Whereas, Airtel Karbonn A40 purely made in India, in support to MoDi Digital India. As we confirmed you that JioPhone cash back offer’s only when customer handovers their phone, he is liable to get amount back. Whereas, Airtel Karbonn A40 will pay back total amount without losing your mobile, customers need not return their mobile phones in order to claim money. As need to ensure which will be more beneficial for our daily usage. As we know the Karbonn company has a good will in Indian market, combining both airtel network and Karbonn mobiles, will make their efforts in to success track.  

Soon Airtel Karbonn A40 online booking with start check here. 

SPOT Facebook India MD Umang Bedi Quits, Reasons for Quitting Facebook India

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MR. Umang Bedi has handled Facebook India as a part of association since July, Last year.

Tech Digital Seva: According to the source close to MR. Umang Bedi it is confirmed that he has resigned the worlds largest social media network site Facebook. MR. Umang Bedi has kept his resignation letter on Tuesday i.e. 10, October, 2017, where his no more be the part of Facebook India and South Asia from here onwards.

MR. Umang Bedi Facebook India

This is second of its kind, in august we have seen MR. Vishal Sikka has resigned as managing director of Infosys. Now we are seeing that Umang Bedi also getting resigned from his position on Tuesday.

Facbook India Stated “ We confirm that Umang Bedi will be leaving his MD postion and Facebook India by end of this annual year. He formed a strong team and business during his time with us, and we all wish him all the best”.

Umang Bedi took place in Facebook India in July 2016, where he joined in place of MD Kirthanga Reddy, who later moved to the US to manage the Global Accounts team at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park. Prior to his absence in MD chair, MR Umang Bedi has taken charge of Managing Director – South Asia Adobe Systems INC.

 During his period Facebook India was the second most top business market in world. Under his rule the business leads got generated on a high demand. After US, Facebook India stood as next contribution to Facebook next billion user bases. Under one year of his ruling period he gave lot of dedication towards development of company. The Next billion which coming from Mobile through India only, about 70% of traffic is generated from your country and around 700 million from all the world, there are 337 million users are coming from India, Mr. Bedi confirmed.

MR. Umang Bedi Facebook India

Meanwhile, there roomers spread internally that Mr. Sandeep Bhushan, who serves as director at consumer and media at Facebook would appoint as managing director at Facebook India. 

Google, Facebook admitted the wrong suspect – Las Vegas Attack 2017

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Las Vegas Attack 2017 - post this incident, pledge Facebook and Google to stop false news.

Tech Digital Seva: it’s very unnatural for very sources of information, sometimes they carry a wrong information on social media. One of those incidents was Google and Facebook had carried and “promoted” a false news just in minutes after the ghastly Las Vegas Shooting attack, which placed on Sunday that reportedly killed 59 innocent people. Las Vegas has pledged Facebook and Google to all the false news against this action.

Las Vegas Attack 2017

More details about this incident on Los Vegas - social media false news

On Monday, both the famous social media platforms, acknowledged that some posts have been rumored on the social media network. Some of the posts started doing rumors on Google and Facebook with enormously, facility of both the platforms has just suspected this and removed the posts.

Las Vegas Attack 2017-2018

Amazingly, one the faculty posts got highlighted and made it to Googles “Top Stories” while another has got circulated by Facebook users on a high number of shares and likes. This was falsely identified the shooter and that person was identified as Stephen Paddock.

The false news was promoted by a story website which was famously called “The Gateway Pundit” and named a different person as the shooter. Otherwise, posters on the anonymous and anarchic forum gave a political twist which supposed to be claiming that individual was the shooter and a social democrat. 

Google has recently released the statement stating that the highlighted 4chan.orgs was politically incorrect message board and also incorrect posts appeared. 4chans inappropriate post was displayed for couple of hours before google search algorithm replaced it with more relevant results. Google has acknowledged the pledge from the Los Vega and apparently removed all the posts from the google search engine. Next day onwards the posts and news were not shown in the Google news and Facebook as well.

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“This would have not been appeared for any queries” a Google spokesperson stated.